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Caravan parks and campsites will reopen on June 26 in Northern Ireland.

Ministers in the Stormont Executive agreed to the move at a meeting on Monday.

From June 26, caravan parks, camp sites and self-contained tourist accommodation will be able to reopen.

 **IT REMAINS THE CASE ** that we have closed the site for rentals for the entire year 2020.  Hopefully we will be in a better place in 2021.

A discussion needs to take place as to how we stay safe because the virus has not gone away.

Please look at the section on the Safety Code for the site.


Obviously in the meantime  if repairs are needed then caravans may be visited briefly by their owners (following the Coronavirus rules) to assess requirements or conduct those repairs.

Campbell & Oonagh (June  2020)

(1) First of all the rules regarding social distancing MUST be followed.  This doesn't stop you chatting to anyone else outside the caravan providing you are at least 2 metres apart.   Meeting inside the caravan is strongly discouraged.  

(2) It follows therefore that if the occupants of the caravan do not currently share their accommodation then they shouldn't use the caravan to do so.

That clearly covers whether you remain in the caravan only with those you currently live with at home.  It would be absurd to break the rules because you are here.   It also introduces challenges if young children are involved. You are at increased risk if you share with family members you don't currently meet.

(3)  If you have others using your caravan when you are not there -  then you must thoroughly clean  the caravan before they arrive.  It would also be sensible to leave the caravan empty for at least 72 hours between occupants to greatly reduce the liklihood of the virus remaining alive.

(4) There is a point of infection at the main gate in using the lock and the bolt.   We have provided a sanitizing spray at the gate and urge you to use it every time you touch the gate.   Also wash your car handles and your own hands frequently. Please use the hand sanitiser at the gate.  This is a recommendation we urge you to do in your own caravan as well.

(5) Although it can be difficult please  restrict children visiting other caravans.

(6) Glass, tins, and cardboard will be collected and taken to the  Dump. ALL other waste, food and food wrappings MUST be taken offsite by the individual caravan owners.

(7) Wash your hands frequently, observe social distancing, and stay safe.

Oonagh and Campbell - June 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

This a major and current issue, and although the government is looking at the next period which takes us to the beginning of July, I suspect this will be a continuing problem for the rest of the year.

There is some relaxation taking place at the moment and the dates keep moving - but as to time of writing - Caravan Parks will be open again from 26th June.

We will obviously follow government guidelines as we go and We will update the information here. So as far as we are concerned here are the obvious precautions.

(1) Social Distancing

Everyone must keep more than two metres (any shorter distances the government announces is not there to protect YOU, it is to stimulate the economy) from people in the other caravans.   A good rule would be to do what you would expect others to do.  That clearly also covers whether you remain in the caravan only with those you currently live with at home.  It would be absurd to break the rules because you are here.  (Any other advice you are given is likely to be a politically expedient one)  It also introduces challenges particularly with young children. 

(2) Coughing 

Cough into your arm or a a tissue (and put it in a special bin).

(3) Wash Hands

If in any doubt, wash your hands thoroughly, and do it again.  And wipe all door handles and surfaces touched by others. (includes your car).

(4) Food waste, hygiene products.

Until further notice all food waste must be placed in a plastic bag and taken off-site for disposal. This includes female hygiene products, nappies, and all carry-out meal containers.

(5) Arriving and Leaving

It would make sense, even under normal circumstances, that when you arrive or leave that you wipe all surfaces in the caravan to protect others - your friends, family and others who might be using the caravan next.

Campbell and Oonagh - June 2020

Waste Disposal

As from the start of April there are new legal requirements from Causeway Coast and Glens regarding waste presented at their waste recycling centres ( although due to the virus they are not yet fully implemented).

We intend to provide central receptacles for the following categories :-

Paper & Cardboard

Cardboard must be cut to size and folded to fit in the receptacle.  Newspapers, Magazines, Cereal boxes and any other cardboard packaging     must be folded flat.

Bottles & Glass containers

There are 2 bins for glass.  A coloured glass bin and a clear glass bin.   Alcohol bottles can be place directly in the bin, but food glass containers glass (e.g. jam, sauce, etc.,) must be washed clean.

Tins & Cans

All metal drink and food containers in this bin.  For tins which contain food, they must be washed before being put in the bin.

Plastic Containers

Any single use plastics such as containers for cleaning materials, soft drinks, milk, squash, etc., must be clean when placed in this bin.  Cellophane and light wrapping plastics are not permitted in the bin, but must be placed in your personal disposal bin.

Personal Disposal 

You must provide a bag or bags to hold the waste you dispose of personally. In addition fo food waste any card wrapping or thin cellophane food wrappings or soiled paper or polystyrene carry out containers must be personally disposed of.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Campbell and Oonagh - March 2020

Rules for Static Caravans

1. The fees are fixed annually and relate solely to the 'pitch' on which your caravan resides. The caravan remains your property, and you must be registered to the site owners.  You are then deemed to be the person or persons who pay the annual pitch fees.     If a registered caravan owner proposes to sell the caravan or transfer ownership the site owners must always agree to the change.  This is non-negotiable and there is no 'right of succession" for family members.     Pitch fees unpaid by the due date may result in a request to remove the caravan from the site.   The caravan year runs from April to the following March although the site is officially open inclusively from March to November. The licensing authorities do not permit residence on site for the full 12 months of the year and if you visit the caravan park outside this period the water and electricity supply may not always be available.   The site owners reserve the right to ask caravan owners to vacate the site at the end of a caravan year.  

2. There are no restrictions on family or friends using your caravan for short periods.  Any person or persons you permit to use your caravan must be made aware of the rules, and you will be considered responsible for their behaviour whilst there. 

3. It is expected that you keep the grass cut in the area between you and the adjacent caravans, that you ensure that the general area remains clean and tidy, and you exercise consideration to your neighbours.  Any physical alterations to the caravan or its surroundings must have permission from the site owners before you commence work.

4. Included in the pitch fees are the rates, an allowance for reasonable electricity use, WiFi access, and disposal of light domestic (non-food) waste.

5. The electricity supply is intended to cover lighting, TV, radio and occasional small kitchen appliances, but not intended to be a general source of heat.   The usage will be monitored and if found excessive may attract a supplement.

6. Since the local telephone exchange is so far away the maximum Wifi speed is low so although you should all be able to browse and collect email anything more demanding may severely reduce service. Where possible limit the knowledge of the password.

7. You will undertake to place domestic non-food waste in the  separate containers provided (See Waste Disposal). All food waste must be taken off site for disposal.  Any larger materials such as electrical goods, metal or wooden furniture etc., must also be taken off site for disposal.

8. The main gate is to always remain closed. This means it must be shut behind you when you enter and leave the site. 

9. If you visit outside the summer months and you are the only person on site then you are asked to lock the main gate when you leave. 

10. The site should always be considered as 'children friendly'. This means that excessive noise after sunset is frowned upon, all pet debris is promptly picked up and binned, and cars should always move slowly.   Respect for your neighbours is expected at all times.

11. All cars should be neatly parked in the front car park. Please note the main road to the neighbouring property is legally an 'easement' and access must be available for vehicle passage.  Sufficient space has been provided for a single vehicle per caravan.   Any other vehicles must be parked elsewhere.

12. It is strongly advised that you insure your caravan and any property within it since the site owners accept no liability for damage or loss. The TV licensing authorities currently permit you to have a free extension to your home licence for use in your caravan, but you are required to notify them of the fact if you intend to use a television and quote your home licence number.  This may change later in the year when the BBC takes over the licence fee.

Any further clarification or interpretation of these rules may be resolved by asking the site owners.

Campbell and Oonagh - March 2020

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