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It looks now as though the caravan site will be open for permenant owners from the end of April.   Which is good news.

We have slightly changed the contract, identical to the previous one with the exception that this runs for three years at a time not one. It was pointed out to us that one year was excessively short. See it, download it , at Tivole-Annual-Contract-2021

In addition have more information  Wi-Fi at Benone, and the fact we have applied for high speed internet when it is rolled out. We suspect this year will be as bad if not worse for access at Benone. We will be providing some service but it will largely cover email and browsing and certainly not for adequate for much streaming. 

You can see all the details on the above WiFi tab. or downolad the pdf here Mobile internet at Benone




Campbell & Oonagh {Apr 2021}

Waste Bags

There are new legal requirements from Causeway Coast and Glens regarding waste presented at their waste recycling centres.

We intend to provide central receptacles for the following categories :-

Paper & Cardboard

Cardboard must be cut to size and folded to fit in the receptacle.  Newspapers, Magazines, Cereal boxes and any other cardboard packaging must be folded flat.

Bottles & Glass containers

There are 2 bins for glass.  A coloured glass bin and a clear glass bin.   Alcohol bottles can be place directly in the bin, but food glass containers glass (e.g. jam, sauce, etc.,) must be washed clean.

Tins & Cans

All metal drink and food containers in this bin.  For tins which contain food, they must be washed before being put in the bin.

Plastic Containers

Any single use plastics such as containers for cleaning materials, soft drinks, milk, squash, etc., must be clean when placed in this bin.  Cellophane and light wrapping plastics are not permitted in the bin, but must be placed in your personal disposal bin.

Personal Disposal 

You must provide a bag or bags to hold the waste you dispose of personally. In addition to food waste any card wrapping or thin cellophane food wrappings or soiled paper or polystyrene carry out containers must be personally disposed of.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Campbell and Oonagh { Mar 2021 }

We have added two mobile boxes for WiFi covering the majority of the area with your caravans.   They are called HAUWEI-Willow, and TP-LINK_Willow.   We will let you all know the passwords by a message.   Hopefully this will work for us all during the year, but we will have to see. 


All the local mobile masts are booster stations usually dependant on land lines or service from major masts at Mussenden Road above Castlerock or at the Point Road at Bellarena  so they are also subject to overall service degradation due to large numbers of users (much like trying to get a signal at a football match).    The one benefit of using mobile technology is that once a signal is obtained your service is likely to remain relatively good for the duration of the connection.   The best way to do this is to buy a router with a Sim card slot. You can also use a second hand "unlocked"smart phone, or one you don't use anymore. These have to remain "on charge" to be effective. Avoid joining a mobile Sim supplier with a "Plan" since you have to pay for this for 12, 18, 24 months, running into hundreds of pounds for short term use. There are however suppliers like GiffGaff and Smarty which allow you to buy your service a month at a time, and an amount you prefer - ideal for Benone .

In an area where the rural population is less than 2,000 for 8 months of the year and swells to more than 15,000 during June and July the customers of companies supplying broadband  there have a problem.   It has been an issue known for some time by the internet providers but they are in the main dependent on BT OpenReach to provide the hardware and infrastructure.
The service can be terrible in the summer months, but be great in winter.    On trying to renew my current landline broadband I was being offered the same price for a reduced service (average 3Mb/s) on an 18 month contract which in Belfast gets me a 30 times faster service.    This would just about manage email and browsing but streaming video would be problematic.  So in effect the service is going to be worse than it has been in previous years.   In a recent proposal to provide a better network the Government  asked local users to sign up to a much faster system - GigaBit.  They have now agreed the voucher scheme, and my application has been agreed.   When this will be provided I do not know.  Possibly later this year.  It should improve access for us considerably.  

Campbell & Oonagh {Apr 2021}

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Site Rules
1. There are no restrictions on family or friends using your caravan for short periods. Any person or persons you permit to use your caravan must be made aware of the rules, and you will be considered responsible for their behaviour whilst there. The site owners reserve the right to ask the occupants of a caravan to vacate the site if rules are contravened.
2. It is expected that you keep the grass cut in the area between you and the adjacent caravans, that you ensure that the general area remains clean and tidy, and you exercise consideration to your neighbours. Any physical alterations to the caravan or its surroundings must have permission from the site owners before you commence work.
3. The electricity supply is intended to cover lighting, TV, radio and occasional small kitchen appliances, but not intend-ed to be a general source of heat. The usage will be monitored and if found excessive may attract a supplement.
4. Although Wi-Fi speed in the area is likely to be slow you should be able to browse and collect email. Anything more demanding may severely reduce service depending on the time of day. Where possible limit the knowledge of the password.
5. You will undertake to keep non-food domestic waste in a neat manner and deposited in the designated disposal area provided. Food waste must be taken off site for disposal. Any larger materials such as electrical goods, metal or wooden furniture etc., must also be taken off site for disposal.
6. The main gate is to always remain closed. This means it must be shut behind you when you enter and leave the site.
7. If you visit outside the summer months and you are the only person on site then you are asked to lock the main gate when you leave.
8. The site should always be considered as 'children friendly'. This means that excessive noise after sunset is frowned upon, all pet debris is promptly picked up and binned, and cars should always move slowly and be restricted to the car park. Respect for your neighbours is expected at all times.
9. All cars should be neatly parked in the front car park. Please note the main road to the neighbouring property is legally an 'Easement' and access must be available for vehicle passage. Sufficient space has been provided for a single vehicle per caravan. Any other vehicles must be parked elsewhere.
10. If TV licensing authorities request a licence from you – quote the Caravan site address and TV Licence number [4026061875].


There is a copy of the current Tivole-Annual-Contract-2021

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