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Tower Museum

The Tower Museum is located at Union Hall Place, within the historic walls of the city of Derry, and tells the fascinating story of the city from its monastic beginnings to present day. ‘The Story of Derry’ permanent exhibition uses a wide range of artefacts, displays and interactives to narrate the story of this city, through the Plantation of Londonderry, the Siege of Derry, and its growth through the 18th and 19th century. It also covers the dramatic events of the early 20th century, including Partition, which it aims to present in a balanced way that includes all aspects of this issue. You can also find out about the impact of the Troubles on the people who lived here, and find out about the city in present day. There is also an Armada shipwreck on permanent display that sunk in 1588 and wasn’t discovered for nearly 400 years! You can see a number of interesting artefacts from the ship, including goblets, shoes, cannons, pottery, coins, and many other items. The museum has 4 floors to explore, plus it has a number of changing temporary exhibitions over the year, so check online before your visit to see what’s on.

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