St Columbs Cathedral Derry

St Columbs Cathedral is almost 400 years old so it has a rich history, which you can discover in the small museum, or history room inside. It’s wonderfully atmospheric and much more interesting to children than people often expect! This is a stunning building that will absolutely amaze young imaginations, and it is free to visit! There is an exhibition of copies of the Book of Kells, plus a number of other historical artefacts, including a lovely collection of silver Communion plate, plus information about a variety of famous people, such as the hymn writer Cecil Frances Alexander, and the philosopher George Berkeley. The cathedral also has some fantastic stained glass windows to wonder at, plus memorials and regimental flags. It also has a number of historical items from the time of the siege.
The member of staff are very friendly and helpful, and only too happy to answer any questions the kids may have about what they see, or to tell you more about the history of this great building, so don’t be shy if they think of something good to ask about! Guided tours are available too if you want to get the absolute most from the trip. Free to visit, but donations very welcome.

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