Hegemony Wars


The original intent of Hegemony Wars was to collect information on modern hegemonies and help explain what they are, how they work, whose interests they serve, and who they are in competition with. Hegemonies are not all bad, but they are all self serving. To that end it is worth keeping track of them. There is a Facebook group devoted to this subject here as well.

Northern Rust


The original intent of Northern Rust was to provide a platform to discuss some issues and concerns in Politics, Science, and General News with a particular slant on Northern Ireland, and by extension the Countries which most effect us in kinship and in Culture, England, Scotland, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Important too is the continuing economic and cultural relationship with Europe (generally speaking - the EU).   There is also a Face Book page for Northern Rust here.

Bookshelf - Where We Are


I have been attempting to write a book for at least 3 years, and as if to emphasis, at least to myself that I didn't actually know when I started what it was going to cover, the title has changed several times. Each of those titles have become sections, chapters, or sometimes are just mentioned, but the most recent title seems to encapsulate what I now feel, and where I feel most comfortable.



Pretty personal, I suspect more often rants than properly argued pieces, but that's up to you to decide.

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