Caravan Rentals

At the moment all caravan parks are totally closed and we have no idea when they might be re-opened or what conditions might be imposed by the government. We have spent the last three weeks trying to work out what might be best and safest for all our customers and their families as well as for ourselves. Having made strenuous efforts to find any organisation who would be prepared to deep clean caravans between rentals, and even suggested various alternatives to them, we have been unable to find anyone prepared to do the work. This places you and ourselves at more risk than we are prepared to accept.

It is with profound regret therefore that we intend to close the site for the rest of this year in the hope we will all be in a better place in 2021. Can we take this opportunity to thank you very much for booking with us and express the hope we can all find alternatives for 2020 holidays.


Campbell & Oonagh

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