Northern Rust

Northern Rust

The original intent of Northern Rust was to provide a platform to discuss some issues and concerns in Politics, Science, and General News with a particular slant on Northern Ireland, and by extension the Countries which most effect us in kinship and in Culture, England, Scotland, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Important too is the continuing economic and cultural relationship with Europe (generally speaking – the EU).

Grianan in 1878

About three miles from Derry, on the summit of a small mountain eight hundred feet high, overlooking the Foyle and Swilly, and commanding a magnificent view of the hills and valleys of county Donegal for miles around, has stood for several centuries the ruins of what was once the grandest palatial residence in Ireland, and supposed to have excelled the regal abode Tara. For at least one thousand years before the introduction of Christianity into this country the Grainan of Aileach was first erected by the Pagan Irish, and the Druidic priests, no doubt, celebrated their mystic rites on the spot that afterwards was the site of regal splendour and martial display. Since the twelfth century, however the massive structure has fallen into decay, and only a portion remained..

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Grianan of Aileach

Many of the sites you find on the web describing Grianán of Aileach present a different mix of information on this beautiful and mystical location so I have tried to provide a brief but broader description and timeline. I also have a back story which is interweaved with this beautiful place. My memories of Grianán really start in the early 1960s when my school friends and myself learned to drive. There were barbecues held within the building, and I also used to ride an ancient Triumph motor bike across the border on unapproved roads to visit it.

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