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Fires being fanned again..

I have been pondering recently a personal question I have asked myself many times since I first read in depth about the rise of fascism in general and the Nazis in particular in the 1930’s. Would I have the courage and moral steadfastness to oppose such malevolent and socially destructive forces if they were to reappear? One of the scary similarities between now and then is the ease with which such administrations move from pseudo liberalism to authoritianism and totalitarianism. Control of the press, the shutting down of any media opposed to them is another sign. Inventing enemies, or creating them where none exist is yet another. Constant social chaos and encouraging a miasma of uncertainty, an encouragement to indulge in xenophobia and racism. Extending a myth of racial / national superiority. Creating a wide disparity between the rich and the poor. Make the poor ‘hungry’ to do your bidding. All are signs of a burgeoning fascist future.

We can no longer rely on the old labels to help us decide on where ‘good’ or ‘evil’ resides. Communism as a bogeyman no longer exists. In fact both China and Russia are in the front of the new race towards the new, more efficient, more subtle form of fascism. It is no coincidence to me that the chief architects of the Brexit debacle were not Johnson or Corbyn, they were Cummings and Milne, unelected and unaccountable political commissars. Strangely enough both educated in the new politick by years of training in Moscow. Both products, like Kim Philby in another age, of the English Upper Class. Coincidental but not conclusive. Worth keeping in mind though. The cosy relationship between a substantial part of big business and the political right is also of concern, especially when those businesses are in the hands of the super-rich. A symbiotic relationship. A source of funds to ensure that fascism continues it’s onward march. And, if you wish to refer back to the history books again, to use a ‘pseudo’ democracy to obtain the power to remove that very democracy because of it’s implied threat to the state.

The overall aim is to crush dissent whether that appears in Hong Kong, London, or New York. To ensure the population as a whole realises the futility of opposing the fascist state, and remains depressed and compliant.

Don’t forget that Germany was one of the most sophisticated and cultured of European Countries where economic distress, a sense of disempowerment, a large pool of extreme poverty, a hunger for previous glory was easy prey to fascism in the 1930’s – and that all the horrors which subsequently appeared were not immediately obvious until it was too late.

So back to the question I initially posed – do I have the courage and the steadfastness to continue to oppose fascism wherever it appears. Yes. Not to do so at this point is to risk the fundamental pillars of everything I believe in for an inclusive, intelligent and compassionate society across the planet. And the route which includes not doing anything – it leads to an incredibly scary place indeed.

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