Booking Enquiry (Robin)

Please check whether the dates you want in the list below this form are free before you fill in any details. If there is an available slot then continue to complete this form and include your contact details (email, mobile number & address ), and when you would like to visit. Please note we have only one caravan for rent in 2021. Sunday to Saturday for ROBIN, your party size ( 1 to 6 ) how many are adults / children, plus any additional comments or requests. We will try reply as soon as possible . Don’t forget to [Submit] the form !

Each caravan will accommodate a total of 6 Adults / Children
Children are aged 17 or less
Weeks are consecutive within a calendar month

Sunday 12:00 to Saturday 12:00 for ROBIN 2021

Week_StartingBooked byAvailabilityDuration
Sun 18 Jul

Trevor McKee 18 – 24 July 2021peak week
Sun 25 Jul

Lynsey Davidson 25 – 31 July 2021peak week
Sun 01 Aug

Liza Stewert1 – 7 August 2021peak week
Sun 08 Aug

PW8 – 14 August 2021peak week
Sun 15 Aug

Arlene McKee 15 – 21 August 2021peak week
Sun 22 Aug

Rosemary Smyth22 – 28 August 2021peak week
Sun 29 Aug

Wendy Doyle29 Aug - 4 Septpeak week
Sun 05 Sep

Pauline Carrick5 – 8 Sept 2021Short week

N.B. We have now been informed by government that we can open from 24th May 2021, with some restrictions. The visitors must form a family group or bubble and every person over 16 must provide contact details for track and trace under the Covid regulations currently in force. There must be no more than 6 people, including children,residing in the caravan and we will also require their names.

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