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    Grianan of Aileach

    Many of the sites you find on the web describing GrianĂ¡n of Aileach present a different mix of information on this beautiful and mystical location so I have tried to provide a brief but broader description and timeline. I also have a back story which is interweaved with this beautiful place. My memories of GrianĂ¡n really start in the early 1960s when my school friends and myself learned to drive. There were barbecues held within the building, and I also used to ride an ancient Triumph motor bike across the border on unapproved roads to visit it.

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    The Book yet to be..

    In 2016 the arrival of the Trump phenomenon in the United States and Brexit in the United Kingdom, and the accelerating irrationality and incoherence they brought with them perturbed me at the time and ever since. In particular it was the denial of the scientific rationality which underpinned the progress of the past two centuries in Western society that caused me most concern. It was an uncomfortable ending to my life long optimism that no matter what happened humans were essentially rational, were in control and would continue to move forward and find solutions to our problems. I had accepted this model based on the post World War II scientific…