• Book,  Hegemony-Wars

    History of the Law

    The history of law parallels the development of human civilisation. In ancient Egyptian law developed around 3000 BC. By 1760 BC Babylon law was codified and chiseled in stone for the public to see in the marketplace. These laws became known…

  • Book,  Politics,  Stories

    The Book yet to be..

    In 2016 the arrival of the Trump phenomenon in the United States and Brexit in the United Kingdom, and the accelerating irrationality and incoherence they brought with them perturbed me at the time and ever since. In particular it was the…

  • Book,  Science

    It’s all about me

    It is surely self-evident to say that if you set out to say or write anything, a lecture, a letter, a newspaper article, a book, the resulting work will be largely about yourself. That it is your biases, your opinions, your…

  • Robin Van


    We are now taking bookings for this summer. June and August the most popular. You can contact us by email at ormonde47.morrison@gmail.com or by texting or phoning +44 78 1488 0060. Please include your name, the number in your party, any…

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